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The Best Smart Beds For 2022 Sleeps

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The Best Smart Beds For 2022 Sleeps

Smart beds and smart mattresses are the next big thing in the bedding industry, and for good reason. These types of beds are equipped with sensors and wireless technology that can track your sleep patterns and even provide an outlet for you to control other smart devices in your home. According to experts, one of the biggest benefits of buying a smart bed or mattress is that it will help you have better quality sleep overall. With these types of beds, you’ll be able to set up everything from soothing white noise machines to wake-up calls so that you feel refreshed when you need to get up every morning.

What to know?

Smart Beds

In order to know what your perfect bed is, you need to figure out what type of sleeper you are. For instance, if you’re a back sleeper, then a waterbed or foam mattress might be best. If you like to sleep on your stomach but get a sore neck from it, memory foam may be just right for you! Memory foam can also alleviate lower back pain which is common in people who spend their day sitting. Lastly, if you enjoy bouncing off the walls in your sleep then a latex mattress could be what satisfies your restless nights. As far as which mattress or bed is smartest or offers the most features goes, there really isn’t an answer- no one brand has them all covered yet!

Smart Bed Features

Smart beds and smart mattresses track your sleep and adjust to individual needs so you sleep better. If you want to get the best out of your mattress for sleep, it is better to get the best of the smart beds and smart mattresses.

A smart bed or smart mattress can be considered to be basically the same thing, but there are a few key differences. Manufacturers sometimes call the items one and the same, meaning a mattress with a range of smart functions, such as sleep tracking and dual-sided heating and cooling (so one side can be warmer and the other cooler), adjustable firmness levels, and integrated massage functions. Anyway, that about sums up the best smart beds that I could find, but some smart mattresses are less advanced.

Smart Bed For Sleep Disorders

Smart Beds usually pump air or water in and out for customized firmness and can adjust mattresses so that you can sit up in bed comfortably, or raise your head to relieve things like snoring acid reflux, or back pain. In addition to zero gravity (a feeling of weightlessness), the best smart beds offer massage features to relax you.

In our best smart beds guide you’ll find each of those brands and a few carefully curated others. As you may expect, they are far more expensive than a mattress in a box.

Here are some of the best smart bed options for you to buy.

1. Smart Bed by ReST

Smart Beds


Mattress Type: Smart Mattress; Firmness If you want to choose between a soft and firm bed, I have the option of Polyurethane foam or gel-infused memory foam with the appropriate height for you. this twin XL-sized sleeping bag will accommodate a split king. There are also sleeping bags that measure 13 inches and come in a variety of sizes at a reasonable price. from $3,074 – $6,148 Best for: People who tend to be restless while sleeping. you can take up to 90 nights off at a time and your warranty lasts for 10 years.


  • this bed comes with 64,000 possible bed-coil configurations.
  • provides insight into the quality of your sleep patterns.
  • The pressure relief is at an excellent level.

Technology & Features

The brand is best known for cutting-edge sleep technology. Though one of its more affordable models, the ReST Essential doesn’t cut any corners in terms of sleep tracking and customized comfort. With its sophisticated software and patented hardware, this air mattress pushes the envelope on technology.

Layer 1- Gel-Infused Memory Foam

The ReST Essential Mattress, itself, has three layers. The top layer is 4″ of cooling, gel-infused memory foam. Among memory foam mattresses, this material is excellent at relieving high-impact pressure points, as it cradles the body. Additionally, because it’s so flexible, it is good at reducing the risk of causing high-impact pressure points when you move.

Layer 2- Sensors

Underneath this outer layer is sensors, which are crucial for tracking sleep habits. When in Automatic Mode, the ReST Essential smart bed transmits a real-time body pressure map to the companion app. By measuring pressure points on the mattress as you change position in bed, these bed’s sensors quickly adapt the firmness to your body weight and sleep position. To adjust your comfort level, choose your general preference on the app and the smart bed will take care of the rest. With that in mind, it’s unsurprising that sleep pressure pain can put you to sleep before you know it.

You can also set things up using the Position Mode. In this mode, you can set settings for your three body zones across two different sleeping positions, so that the bed will adjust for you automatically whenever you change positions. This is perfect for people who sleep on their back and their side or if you want to control your level of pressure relief and support, choose the manual mode and customize it to your liking. When you use manual mode, there are 64,000 possible combinations of the two cushions on either side.

Layer 3- Air Chambers

The third layer of this mattress has five air chambers on each side of the bed that target different parts of your body. These zones are adjusted by a noiseless, mini pump. The ReST Essential will arrive on a 90-night trial, so you’ll have the opportunity to assess whether or not it improves your sleep.

2. Sleep Number’s Smart Bed (360 i8)

If you’re not sleeping well at the moment, then the Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed could change that. Not only does it give you personalized sleep on a comfortable air mattress, but you can also adapt its firmness on each side for the perfect, personal comfort for you and your partner.

Smart 3D Fabric

Anyone looking for a warmer sleep will also be in good hands with this Sleep Number Smart bed that has a breathable Smart 3D fabric. The mattress also absorbs excess heat and releases it as the user cools down so that your sleep temperature is always just right. The temperature of the space in which you sleep impacts your ability to sleep well, so temperature plays an important role in the design.

Connecting to SleepIQ

In addition to generating a SleepIQ score, Sleep Number smart beds track your breathing and heart rate to determine your sleep quality. You can connect your smart mattress to your WiFi or use the SleepIQ app to connect your bed. When the smart mattress is delivered, Sleep Number technicians will either connect the mattress to your WiFi or you can do it yourself. As the bed communicates with the app each night, it generates a unique sleep score, along with suggestions on how to create the ideal sleep schedule.

FlexFit Base

With a FlexFit base (from $1,499), you can adjust the head and foot position of the i8 Smart Bed. Raising your legs reduces pressure on them, while raising your head and upper body can aid digestion and, when you sleep on your side, can reduce snoring. The i8 Smart Bed is among the best smart beds for the price from Sleep Number, but it is more technologically sophisticated.

3. Tempur-Pedic Smart Bed

Smart Beds

As long as you can use an adjustable bed with it, the Tempur-Ergo Power Base can work with any existing mattress. When you buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress with a Tempur mattress, you’ll be able to get hundreds of dollars off each. Let’s get back to the Tempur-Ergo Power Smart Bed Base…

Eight Sleep Pod Pro

The Tempur-Pedic smart bed is one of the few with the most diverse range of smart features and adjustable comfort options, other than the Eight Sleep Pod Pro System. With it, you’ll be able to get a better picture of how you sleep, identify what factors are disrupting it, and then you’ll be coached on how to sleep better (through the companion app). Underbed lighting makes it easier to get out of a darkened bedroom at night.

Snore Response

One of the biggest benefits of the Tempur-Ergo Power Smart Bed Base is Snore Response, depending on what your biggest sleep challenge is. As it detects snoring in the bed, the system automatically raises your head 12 degrees, into a position that opens your airways to reduce or stop snoring. If you or your partner do not snore yet you are having trouble sleeping, the bed will work with the Sleeptracker-AI app to track various aspects of your sleep and pinpoint what could be happening. The AI Sleep Coach will then offer you tips and suggestions.

Alexa & Google-Enabled

Since it’s Alexa- and Google-enabled, you can also have your voice assistant read you a sleep report each morning. As with any sleep tracker, this should be taken as a general insight – if you are concerned about your sleep, consult a professional.

Part of a quality bedtime routine is to relax before heading to bed, and the Tempur-Pedic one here can be a relaxing activity. The amount of intensity to choose from ranges from mild to stimulating and two or four zones of vibrations can be felt. We put the memory foam mattress base in a zero gravity position just before removing all the pressure off your back and joints by reclining, and we only sell this popular item to those who have neck, back, and hip pain.

To Conclude

It is no wonder that so many mattress producers are trying to join the smart bed trend. The CES Trade Show in Las Vegas, a major trade show in the field of consumer electronics and IT, showcased a wide range of intelligent products this year. Among them were innovative products such as a sleep suit which can adjust according to our body movements and also a bedside table that produces therapeutic noises while we sleep to help us with insomnia. However, when it comes to looking at what will be available on the market in 2022, it is important to keep in mind that innovation does not come without cost.

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