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The Best Home Robots to Ease Life in 2022

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The Best Home Robots to Ease Life in 2022

If you’re not very good at doing chores around the house, it can be difficult. Fortunately, robots can help by taking over some of the tasks around the house, so you can relax or spend more time with your family and friends. With the advent of the robot vacuum, the notion of a robot doing chores for you came to life. Now there is a wide variety of home robots available to help you check off items on your never-ending list. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers defines home robots as “robots you purchase for fun or to perform tasks and chores”. This list of the best home robots will improve your life in 2022!

Astro- Monitors the House

The Best Home Robots

Each member of the family will be able to customize the robot to suit their own needs. For example, parents can program it to clean and do laundry, while children can do their homework or play games. It has the capability to sense your voice and recognize who is speaking so it can serve as a friendly personal assistant for every member of the family.

Astro may not be available to the general public yet, but it is worth mentioning for its home monitoring and assistant capabilities, and you can request an invitation to purchase one now. It can monitor certain rooms when you’re away and sends activity alerts when something happens. Besides listening to music, playing podcasts, and watching shows, this device can also order snacks and place phone calls to Alexa. So there is no need to find out when dinner is ready! You can link these appliances to the Ring Protect Pro system for better home security while you’re away. Are you anxious that this Alexa on wheels will hear everything? It is easy to turn off the cameras, microphones, and motion detection, and you can set up out-of-bounds zones like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Hence, it is a good idea to have a personal robot, especially when you’re busy at work. It can also serve as an employee because it can perform certain tasks and remind you of appointments. For example, if your employee needs to meet with someone, they can ask Astro to schedule it on their behalf.

HUSQVARNA Automower 115H

The Best Home Robots

One of the most popular robots for the home is an outdoor lawn mower. We have them here at GizmoHub. These are not just for your front yard but you can even use them to do the landscaping of a backyard or large garden area. These Husqvarna Automower 115H models come with great outdoor performance but with a sleek and compact profile. They also come with an all-wheel drive and a 20-inch cutting width that offers mulching capability, making them a very efficient tool. In the navigation system, there are nine different zones, and you can still hear the instructions even when it’s raining or snowing.

For small to mid-sized yards and gardens, this robot lawnmower will spare you from the heat of the summer and from a task that can easily go unnoticed until you do it. If you have a larger yard or lawn, you might be better served by a more expensive, feature-rich Husqvarna Automower 430X. You just need to install the guide and boundary wires and then, the lawnmower will make its way back to its recharge station when it needs more power.

Aibo- The Robotic Pet

The Best Home Robots

It can perform tasks like shaking hands or retrieving an object, and even learn tricks based on your interactions with it. Aibo’s video camera records video throughout the day and sends an alert to your phone if there’s smoke or water damage in the house. It will also notify emergency services if there’s a fire or flood.

Whenever the base is full of energy, Aibo travels back and forth to charge, so it is never without power. Aibo comes with a sleek charging base that can double as a nightstand when not in use. It is even controlled remotely via a mobile app over 4G, so you can be anywhere when it needs your attention. The Aibo comes with several accessories, such as sweaters and hats, so you can not only have fun playing with it but also look cute. If that’s not enough, Amazon Alexa even allows you to create custom commands.

Although owning a family pet may seem old-fashioned today, people still find it appealing to have a robot companion – one who is willing to listen and obey orders just like a dog would. Aibo aims to provide that kind of relationship: with Aibo’s accompanying app, you can see every move your pup makes from any smartphone device (Android or iOS) from wherever you are. The route it takes during the day will also be under your control; your dog will alert you automatically through their HD camera if they get into something they shouldn’t – such as taking food off the counter – while wandering around unattended. You can then give them what they want.

iRobot Braava Jet

The Best Home Robots

Braava jet is a robot that cleans all types of flooring, making it the perfect assistant for pet owners and allergy sufferers. The JetsprayTM technology allows the Braava jet to clean a broad range of carpet, hardwood, laminate, and tile with each pass, while TrueFlowTM wheels allow the device to transition seamlessly from one surface to another. For multi-surface homes that have at least two or three different floor types on any given level, Braava jet is a must-have cleaning assistant. Braava jet can hold as much as 80 oz (4 liters) of liquid to provide up to 20 minutes of use before needing a refill. And since the unit requires no tools for assembly or repair, you’re never without a working robot buddy when disaster strikes.

The Braava jet is a new iteration of the popular iRobot floor cleaner. The Braava jet comes with interchangeable microfiber and foam nozzles that allow you to clean all surfaces. You can control the jets remotely via an app or voice control by using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri. With up to 60 minutes of battery life and a powerful motor that removes dirt and grime easily, this nifty little robot will get your whole house sparkling clean in no time!


The Best Home Robots

LG’s HOM-BOT is a smart assistant robot with a circular display that can be personalized to act like your own personal butler. It can guide you through everything from customizing and organizing your social media accounts to booking flights. With HOM-BOT, there’s never any need to leave the house. All you have to do is ask for anything that you need! The voice recognition technology behind this feature allows HOM-BOT to understand what you’re saying, while its screen displays relevant information so that you don’t have to look it up yourself. As long as HOM-BOT has access to Wi-Fi or a wireless internet connection, it will be able to access virtually any type of information for you.

In addition, it also does regular tasks around the house such as making dinner reservations and reminding your family about events happening on their schedule for the day or week ahead. The only thing left for someone at home to do is interact with guests when they come over!

MIRO 140

The Best Home Robots

MIRO is a non-humanoid robot that moves on caterpillar tracks but has a unique two-armed arm. The arms can reach over half its body length, which can provide light for deep cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of your home such as above cabinets or under furniture. It is waterproof, making it the perfect option for mopping up messes in tight corners like kitchens and bathrooms! MIRO’s simple programming makes it great for homes with kids since it does not come with buttons, screens, or lights that might distract them from other tasks. What’s more? It will never fall asleep on the job and complain about doing work! In addition, if you have a pet, you’ll love how MIRO automatically avoids obstacles while carrying out household chores so they don’t accidentally get harmed.

Vector 2.0

The Best Home Robots

With Vector 2.0, homes are able to support residents’ personal medical needs. With a battery life of four hours on one charge, Vector 2.0 is designed for indoor use only and is perfect for small-space living situations. The lightweight design will allow it to move easily from room to room, carrying groceries, supplies, and items that need to be put away around the house; offering its user a more hands-free lifestyle. It can also answer the phone, take messages and read notifications aloud. Making dinner easier than ever before; this device can cook for up to six people at a time by following your recipes or curating an entire meal plan just for you!

Using state-of-the-art sensors, Vector 2.0 can measure heat and humidity levels throughout the cooking process while displaying a map of your oven’s interior so you know exactly where each dish is placed. When completed cooking, the food displays with video clips right on your oven’s touchscreen display showing what went wrong if there was an issue – or what went right if everything turned out perfectly!

ElliQ- For Elderly Support

The Best Home Robots

ElliQ is an interactive humanoid home robot that will ease the lives of senior citizens and those who are caring for them. It has speech recognition, is able to read emotional cues, and offers guided meditation sessions to help reduce depression.

Overall, it is a great companion for your loved ones and will make their lives easier. However, with it costing $400 before any required monthly subscription plans start to apply, it isn’t for everyone. The good news is that ElliQ does offer a rebate program where families can get up to 50% of their costs back by completing activities such as attending health fairs.

For example, it is designed to help its owner with everyday tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. It has an easy-to-use interface that helps you navigate through daily chores and it’s capable of fetching items for you when requested. If a person falls or is not feeling well, ElliQ can immediately contact friends or family members who can then get in touch with their healthcare provider.

Why these Robots?

  • Design – the thing we wanted to be most impressed with about these robots was their design and most of them scored quite well on this criteria.
  • Eco-friendly – many of these home robots are designed to reduce power consumption and overall environmental impact.
  • Safety Concerns – one of the worst parts about having a robot around your house is if it has safety concerns, but as long as you do your research and consider what you might want to do while they’re running, then any quality robot should be safe for use in a house.
  • Warranty – how easy will it be to get repairs or replacements for your robot?
  • Cost-effective.
  • Programming Options – there are some differences between these models when it comes to programming, so take a look at which ones give you more options
  • Quality/ Durability – not all of these bots will last forever, so make sure that whichever model you pick is going to last
  • Accessories/ Add-ons/ Attachments- whether its something like robotic vacuum cleaner attachments or other such features that you’ll need
  • The Random Factor- some things just aren’t always predictable, like sudden damages and battery failures.

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