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The Best Game Consoles to Buy in 2022

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The Best Game Consoles to Buy in 2022

If you’re a gamer looking to get the best console experience possible, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up absolutely the best gaming consoles in every price range, so whether you want to buy one of the best game consoles on the market today or save your money for something bigger and better down the road, we’ve got something for you. Keep reading to find out how to find the perfect gaming console for your needs!

1. Xbox Series X

The Best Game Consoles

Console Appearance:

Xbox Series X sports a sleek new matte black design with soft glowing accents that illuminate from within.

Xbox Controller:

The Xbox controller, which has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 2001, will be completely redesigned for release with this console. The new controller will have thinner handles, four buttons on each side, a wireless mode that syncs up directly with the console rather than a separate adapter, and also introduces responsive vibration feedback.

User Interface:

Customizable digital dashboards that help you organize your favorite games and apps and easily switch between them. You can choose between a vast list of background choices such as starscapes or kaleidoscopes to enjoy while you play.

2. Nintendo Switch OLED

In a nutshell, the Nintendo Switch is a console for gamers of all types who will find fun. Whether you’re a person who enjoys retro games or cutting-edge, 3D adventure games, it doesn’t matter: The Nintendo Switch has something for everyone. In addition to being a high-quality gaming system and an attractive piece of furniture for your living room, Nintendo also excels at delivering entertaining indie titles that show off its huge variety of genres. This is all without mentioning their excellent first-party line-up that always manages to amaze us with ingenious game designs that show how versatile and exciting this company can be. If you have any interest in gaming whatsoever, it would be a shame not to pick up one of these consoles in 2022!

3. PlayStation 5

The Best Game Consoles


  • CPU: AMD Zen 2 CPU with 8 cores at 3.5 GHz
  • The GPU is capable of 10.28 TFLOPs with 36 CUs at 2.23 GHz
  • Memory: 825 GB
  • Drive: Blu-ray 4K UHD
  • Dimensions: 3.97×8.79×15.74 inches

For any good product, you will never be able to keep it on the shelf. PlayStation 5 is no exception. Due to chip shortages, the production of this console has been restricted, which means we can’t meet the growing demand. However, if you’re a serious gamer, this is the console you want. The game’s phenomenal 4k graphics completely immerse players.

It’s not just the console that got a complete makeover. The new DualSense controller comes with all the features you need to really enjoy your gaming experience. This console controller is superior to others due to its interactive tactile feedback, customizable triggers, and built-in microphone. These features make it the best one we have seen in the console market.

In this way, securing this console is a challenge, and it’s unlikely to get easier for a while. But if you put your name on a waitlist or purchase it through PlayStation Direct or Amazon, it might not be impossible.


Revamped controller

Blistering-fast loading speeds

Excellent graphics at a framerate of 60 frames per second.


Not easy to find a place for it due to its large size

Eight hundred and twenty-five gigabytes of storage fill up fast.

4. Nintendo Switch Lite

The Best Game Consoles

One of the most anticipated gaming consoles in the market is the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Switch Lite was made with portability in mind and will come with a docking mode that turns your console into a handheld device that you can play games on easily. So you can enjoy the benefits of gaming on a much smaller screen, you will have 32GB of storage and an HD display of 5-inches.

One of Switch Lite’s major drawbacks is that if you want to play in TV mode, you can’t switch back. There’s no circuitry for video output to the dock, and you can’t upgrade it. Although the Switch is the cheapest console available right now, it will make more sense for most people, given that the console lacks any video output. The new edition will sell for $199.99, so if you’re looking for a new gadget, this should be it!

5. Xbox Series S

The Best Game Consoles

The next generation of consoles should deliver a variety of changes we’re eager for, such as desirable features and advancements that can usher in a new level of greatness. The Xbox Series S delivers on this promise and more. For game-lovers of every age and skill level, Xbox provides limitless joy and levels of excellence that provide endless entertainment for all.

If you want the best console for the money, then consider the Xbox One S. For $300, you get a system that can play the latest games, run different apps, and can play Xbox One, Xbox 360, and select Xbox games.

Just like the Xbox Series X, the Xbox S does things too. However, unlike the X, it is less future-proof due to its incapability of going higher than 1080p. It should be noted, though, that there is no greater gaming value in the world. Thus, the Nintendo Switch is an excellent entry-level video game console for those just getting into the gaming industry.

6. Best Budget PlayStation Classic

In 2019, Sony launched a new gaming console that is almost identical to the original PlayStation. This time it will also play PS One games, some of which were never released for the console originally. The PlayStation Classic was intended as a celebration of over three decades of video game history and nostalgia, allowing players to relive some of their favorite games from before they were born. If you are looking for a present for someone with video game experience or an old-school gamer, this could be your best bet. The PlayStation Classic starts at $99.99 USD and is available now on Amazon.

Don’t forget about PC gaming!

It’s not often you get a gaming console on the market that can both provide high-end graphics and also be relatively inexpensive. The Razer Forge TV is one of those rare beasts. As long as your PC is up to snuff, this gaming console won’t feel like a step down from an actual gaming machine. For those on a budget, this might be your best bet!

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What’s the best console to buy in 2022?

If you’re looking for a low-cost, entry-level console that’s great for family and friends, then get either the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Whereas for something a little more future-proof with VR capabilities, then get either the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Project Scarlett. And if you’re looking for Nintendo content, then get either a Nintendo Switch or Wii U.

So which one should I buy?

We recommend going with whichever one is available at your preferred store.

Do consoles ever go on sale?

Every week there are deals on PSN and Xbox Live. Be sure to check out sites like Groupon and Amazon Deals before you commit.

Is it okay if I get video games online?


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