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Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023: Get ready to thrill

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Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023: Get ready to thrill

The PlayStation 5 has been around for more than two years now, but it’s still as popular as ever, despite the growing competition from Microsoft and Nintendo. A huge part of that success is due to the amazing games that the system is capable of running, from first-person shooters to exclusive fighting games and innovative puzzle platformers. Here are the ten best PS5 games that you won’t want to miss on their release in 2023.

1) The Next Dragon Age

Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023

The next installment of the series is going to be different from what we experienced earlier. At a conference in Beijing, EA announced that The Next Dragon Age will be part of a trio that includes Anthem and Bioware’s new IP. After hearing the news, many players were puzzled by this decision as it sounded like two out of three of these titles were practically different genres than what we have seen in the previous installments.

One could assume that EA is trying something new, as even after all these years Bioware has never created a game outside of their flagship RPG series. If that is the case, then it may not come as much of a surprise when Anthem was revealed to have PvP elements which are very uncommon for RPGs. If anything, gamers are more curious about the gameplay specifics for both Dragon Age and Anthem now than they ever were before. With those two games on board, there should still be plenty to look forward to with only a few months left until release!

2) Destiny 3

Destiny 3 is a Sci-Fi open-world first-person shooter set on earth and the solar system. The game will have a shared world that contains public areas and activities, however, the game also has a private area known as player housing where players can interact with other players through their avatars. Players may purchase items from an in-game store with real-world currency or through a digital marketplace. Destiny 3 will not be using loot boxes. In this game we’ll have to purchase all microtransactions separately from the main game, however, there is no option for multiple payment options (such as bundles). All assets come with a pre-installed mod that cannot be removed.

Players are able to customize different aspects of their character such as gender, race, voice type, hairstyle, color, and clothing. They can change these at any time without restrictions. As they progress through the game they gain access to different abilities by investing points into skill trees allowing them more variety when engaging enemies in combat. There are four types of planets: Earth, Mars, Titan, and Nessus – each with its own culture and resources. Quests involve slaying aliens and acquiring technology to use against enemies who invade human territory later on in the storyline.

3) The Last Guardian Part 2

Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023

The Last Guardian Part 2 is the sequel to The Last Guardian. Like the original, Sony’s Japan Studio developed it. In Part 2, a new protagonist has become as close friends with Trico as we have, guiding them on their journey. But when tragedy strikes and forces them apart, Trico goes off on their own adventure to find our protagonist and bring them back together again. Along the way, they find clues about why the player was taken away from Trico in the first place, and confront a dark power that wants our protagonist for themselves. What awaits the pair at the end of this perilous adventure? That will be up to you to discover.

You’ll play through a wide variety of unique environments like mountain villages, fiery volcanoes, sunken temples, and much more! With so many stunning levels to explore in one game – no two playthroughs are ever the same. Explore every inch of these detailed environments and uncover how your past unfolds while following along with Trico’s story. Plus there are many more PS5-exclusive features coming your way…

4) The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2, the sequel to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, continues its genre-defining storyline with a couple of new characters. Along your journey through a post-apocalyptic world, expect plenty of challenging moral decisions, expansive environments, and an excellent gameplay experience. Don’t forget about Ellie’s trademark sense of humor!

Let’s just hope that Joel is still as acrobatic as he was before. And let’s just hope he can be just as skilled when it comes to using the available tools or stealth techniques because if not then he’ll be at a huge disadvantage since the creatures will have adapted their behaviors accordingly in order to better hunt humans. And don’t forget about his trusty backpack! It seems like this game will take place twenty years after the events of the first game. There’s no way that a simple backpack would last for so long but then again, everything has changed in this post-apocalyptic world.

5) Halo 4

Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023

Seven years ago the UNSC introduced its most advanced machine, the Mjolnir Mk. IV armor. This was an attempt to replicate their success from years past when they created the Mjolnir Mk. V armor that saved humanity from a major apocalypse and ended three confrontations against human enemies. We’re only a few months away from the release of Halo 4 and it’s shaping up to be something incredible!

The story will center around Master Chief, a SPARTAN-II commando who is once again fighting for mankind on earth and its colonies. Although the campaign mode will be four hours long, many are excited about playing with friends online with 10 multiplayer maps available at launch. It also has a co-op mode for people looking to play through campaigns with friends or family. Gamers should know that there are also new features in this game like sprinting which has been absent since Halo 3: ODST.

6) Fallout 76

This is the first Fallout game for this generation of consoles, one thing is for sure Bethesda will release a remastered version of Fallout 4 on PS4 and Xbox One on November 14th. This was just announced in the recent past! We have our fingers crossed that it’ll make its way onto the PS5, too. You could experience an apocalyptic world before the rest of us do! And also enjoy the benefits of these new consoles. It seems like Sony doesn’t want players to miss out on any quality gaming experience with their new console, which is definitely more powerful than ever before. Sony plans to launch a variety of other exclusives for the PS5 including Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima’s next project, Code Vein from Bandai Namco Studios, and Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch Productions.

7) Street Fighter 6

Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023

It’s exciting to know that Capcom has spent a lot of time updating and improving the fighting system in the new Street Fighter 6 game for the PS5. When Capcom debuted the first Street Fighter 6 trailer at PlayStation’s the June State of Play, it made quite an impact. The popular fighting game series is back with new features and a revamped look for returning characters. A three-move combo (a punch or kick followed by two more punches or kicks of the same type) was inspired by Street Fighter I, and full control of power, speed, and execution has been added to entice new players to the genre.

Street Fighter 6 introduces two new modes on top of the traditional fighting mode: World Tour and Battle Hub. Besides World Tour, Battle Hub is also revamped with a new feature of Street Fighter 6 called Drive to allow players to put their skills to the test. Charging bars help characters perform deadly attacks, but they also stun them afterward. They are powerful tools that can backfire in the wrong hands, however.

8) Uncharted 10

Ever since the PlayStation first launched back in 1995, the game uncharted has been an ongoing pillar of success for Sony’s flagship console. So it came as no surprise when Naughty Dog unveiled a new Uncharted title for PS5 at E3 2020. The developers didn’t give away much about the plot except that gamers would be spending time with old favorites such as Elena and Sully who come into contact with a dangerous new character in this exotic uncharted territory.

This time around players will also have a lot more choices for what actions they take with environmental interaction playing a big role not just through puzzles but also through combat sequences. Another familiar character is Sam Drake, Elena’s brother and longtime ally of Nathan Drake. Many are speculating he may be set up as the main villain in the sequel, having survived his presumed death from the previous game after being shot by Nate himself.

9) Marvel’s Wolverine

Ten Best PS5 Games in 2023

Marvel’s Wolverine is in development by the same team that worked on Marvel’s Spider-Man. It is likely that we will see similar action-adventure gameplay in Marvel’s Wolverine game, but it’s yet to confirm. The game is exclusive to PlayStation 5 so you will need to have one of Sony’s consoles to play it. If you’re a fan of Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine, Marvel’s Logan is a sure delight, though it’s his last time playing Logan. While a lot of the time in this farewell story was about showcasing Logan’s fighting skills, we also got a good deal of funny moments.

Although Wolverine falls victim to the superhero film problem of not having interesting villains, the introduction of Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce compensated for some of the deficiencies. No, it’s not just Pierce, who only does this until the end of the game; Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant) has a compelling arc and feels like a formidable villain until you see what’s waiting for him at the end of this game!

The game has great combat mechanics, really enjoyable boss battles, and interesting puzzle elements which were surprisingly satisfying to solve even though they were never too difficult. The combat mechanics also allow players to switch between berserker rage and calculated precision – something that sets Wolverine apart from every other Marvel hero out there! The boss battles might have been my favorite part though; some had easy patterns but it was always challenging figuring out how to avoid their attacks or shield myself from them!

10) Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker is no stranger to bad luck. Between balancing his high school life and career as Spider-Man, he has the worst luck with love. Always quick to solve someone else’s problems, he somehow always ends up with a dead girlfriend. But with the introduction of Mary Jane Watson (MJ), Peter finally has someone who balances him out in every way possible and gives him an honest sense of stability for once.

With this incredible new character set as the central pillar of this game, players will explore an incredibly detailed New York City like never before as they balance saving the city from one problem after another while attempting not to screw everything up with their complicated personal lives. The stakes are even higher this time around with MJ’s family caught in the middle of it all, but Peter must learn how to handle these responsibilities if he wants any hope of winning MJ’s heart.

After finding each other through their awkward first meeting, Peter and MJ have finally found a satisfying love in each other. Their lives have seemed perfect ever since. What seems to be the case at first is actually that the game’s environments are highly understandable and fully interactive. Utilizing awesome web-slinging mechanics, players will be able to maneuver around obstacles and interact with various elements of each level such as signs or lampposts as they navigate through New York City as they unearth clues, and find ways to save New York City from many different issues.

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