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Surface Laptop 5 vs. Surface Laptop 4: Which One Is Right For You?

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Surface Laptop 5 vs. Surface Laptop 4: Which One Is Right For You?

If you’ve been looking to purchase a Surface Laptop, you may have noticed that there are two generations available — the Surface Laptop 4 and the Surface Laptop 5. The newer model has been out most recently, but it offers some significant improvements over its predecessor. Here’s a comparison of Surface Laptop 5 vs. Surface Laptop 4 that will help decide which one would be best for your needs, whether that’s portability or power.

New Features

Surface Laptop

While the Surface Laptop 5 shares a lot of similarities with the Surface Laptop 4, there are some key differences. For example, it features a 10% larger screen and a thinner keyboard deck that allows you to use the device in tablet mode, in addition to making it lighter and more portable. The new model also comes equipped with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10 S, which is designed specifically for schools and other educational organizations.

It’s worth noting that Windows 10 S does not support installing software from third-party sources like Google Chrome or Spotify, but if you’re looking for an affordable laptop that can handle basic tasks with ease then this might be your best option. However, if you want access to those popular apps as well as being able to work on Office documents, then it may be worth investing in the Pro version of the Surface Laptop instead.


Surface Laptop

As we’ve seen with the release of the new Microsoft Surface laptop, the hardware is still a key factor in determining which machine to purchase. The two most important parts of any computer are, first and foremost, the processor and secondly, the graphics card; these two factors will determine how quickly your computer operates and how it performs when performing complicated tasks such as playing high-end video games or editing photos. The newest iteration of the Microsoft laptop has an 8th Generation Intel Core i5 Processor and an NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics Card; this combination should work well for those who do not need their computer to be exceptionally powerful but would like it to be sleek and lightweight with long battery life.

For those looking for more power, the older generation offers the 7th Generation Intel Core i7 Processor and an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX Graphics Card that should handle heavier loads without slowing down too much. Both machines have similar configurations so deciding between them may come down to price. If you want a cheaper option, then the newer version is right for you. If you’re willing to pay more upfront, then opting for the older model might be worth it since it’s typically less expensive on a monthly payment plan than the newer model.


Surface Laptop

We compare the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Laptop 4 to help you determine which laptop is the best choice for your needs.

  • The newest, most powerful version of Microsoft’s flagship laptop has been released, and it’s pretty awesome! The new model packs an 8th gen Core i5 or i7 processor, an integrated GPU, a fingerprint reader that can be used with Windows Hello (fingerprint recognition software), and up to 16GB of RAM.
  • Additionally, the new model is thinner and lighter than its predecessor (about half an inch thick) and comes in four different colors to match your style preference: platinum, black, cobalt blue, and burgundy red. -But, what about the older model? If you’re not looking to splurge on a brand-new device, there are still some benefits to purchasing the Surface Laptop 4. It features all of the same specs as the newer model without being as expensive. So if money is tight and having cutting-edge technology isn’t necessary for you, then this option may work better for you.
  • Or, if battery life is your primary concern and you’re looking for something that will last hours on end without needing a charge, then go with the older variant. The battery lasts 17 hours on average compared to 13 hours from the newer model because it doesn’t have as much hardware powering it. For those who don’t need such a powerhouse computer, this could make all the difference.
  • But, if you’re willing to splurge a bit more on your new laptop, then by all means go with it! All laptops from Microsoft come with a limited one-year warranty and free technical support via email and phone calls.


Surface Laptop

The Surface Pen is one of the most useful accessories that Microsoft offers and it’s included with both models. This pen allows you to interact with the touchscreen and draw, take notes, make sketches, or annotate content on your screen wirelessly without ever touching the surface. Plus, it has a built-in eraser on the back end to edit mistakes in pen mode.

The type cover keyboard is also an optional purchase that makes typing more comfortable and provides a solid surface to work on when using your device as a laptop computer. You can purchase a touchpad mouse separately if you don’t want to use the touchscreen functionality or want more precise control over cursor movement than what a touchscreen offers. These mice are available in wired and wireless variations depending on your needs and preferences.

Conclusions & Recommendations

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new laptop is your personal needs and preferences. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you need a machine that can withstand outdoor usage in the rain, snow, and other weather conditions, or will the usual indoor setting suffice?
  • Or do you want an ultra-lightweight machine that will last only half as long on a charge but is easier to carry in a backpack across campus all day?
  • And finally, do you want a lightweight hybrid tablet/laptop device so you can write on it with an electronic pen while walking to your next meeting without needing to bring your laptop bag along with you?

With those criteria in mind, here’s what I recommend: If you need something that can handle outdoor use, buy Surface Pro (either one). And if you don’t mind carrying around a heavier weight because it’ll be stationary at home most of the time, buy Surface Book 2. But if you’re looking for something lightweight, easy to carry around, and perfect for school or work on a daily basis–where the laptop will stay put at your desk or office–buy either Surface Laptop 4 or Surface Laptop 5.

If you have any more questions about which type of computer might suit your specific needs best, reach out!

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