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PlayStation VR2: All The Exciting Upgrades & Features

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PlayStation VR2: All The Exciting Upgrades & Features

PlayStation VR has had a few iterations since its release back in 2016, but now it’s time to introduce the newest version of the headset, and wow, does it impress! We’re excited to be diving deep into everything new and improved about PlayStation VR2 and how you can get your hands on it. It’s prettier, faster, and more capable than the original. Last week, the company offered some journalists a hands-on look at PlayStation VR2. The demonstration occurred at Sony Interactive Entertainment’s headquarters in San Mateo, California.

Sony has remained tight-lipped about a number of things, like when PlayStation VR 2 will be available, what it will cost, how much battery life it has, or even how much it weighs. The first PlayStation VR headset was $399 and now costs $99, so assume that the second one will be similarly priced. I’d estimate the PSVR2 to feel around that weight, too, but that is just an estimate. There are a few key improvements in the new gaming headset. Among these is the fact that it no longer requires a separate interface box or external processor to connect to the console. To use the VR headset, you simply plug it into the USB-C port on the PS5. These screens feature two OLED displays; there is a 2,000 by the 2,040-pixel display for every eyeball.

Read out to the end to learn about further upgrades, design and features.

The Exciting Upgrades

PlayStation VR2

Sony unveiled PlayStation VR2, updating its award-winning virtual reality headset with a number of new features. In addition to being smaller and lighter than the original PSVR model, it has better ventilation for added comfort, even more, audio capabilities (including some built-in speakers), as well as a button that can pause gameplay with a single tap. And this one’s compatible with your smartphone too!

1) 4K HDR Display

True 4K? That’s right! Your experience will be sharper and more vivid with up to 4K, 4 times the resolution generated by the original PlayStation®VR headset, along with a range of vibrant new environments thanks to this upgrade. Its predecessor featured a 5.7-inch OLED display, with 1,080p resolution (1,920 x 1,080). The new model improves upon that with a sharper 5.7-inch OLED display, but in 4K: 3,840 x 2,160 resolution for every eye. In other words: more than four times as many pixels. As a result of all these technological upgrades–and despite featuring similar dimensions–the new model should also provide much crisper images compared to its predecessor (960 x 1,080 per eye), which had what seemed like too visible pixels by modern standards.

2) Enhanced View

Fully enjoy gameplay by making use of the 110° wide viewing angle and the light, well-balanced Fresnel lens. The lens adjustment dial lets you customize the lens spacing to match your viewing position for a good screen picture. The headset also includes vents that will allow air to circulate and prevent lenses from fogging. This will also provide greater comfort to the player.

When you put on PlayStation VR 2, you’ll notice an ergonomic layout that feels light, secure, and natural. There are also cushions located on both sides of PlayStation VR 2 to make wearing it for extended periods more comfortable.

3) Responsive Vibrations

Features subtly responsive vibrations at key moments during gameplay created by a single built-in motor. Whenever your character feels tense, pays attention to objects close to his or her head, or is moving forward quickly, take note of his or her heartbeat.

In order to create a tactile experience that you could actually feel, we realized that we would need to replace their controller. This meant adding some kind of extra haptic device – but there weren’t any available for us to use.

4) Incredible 3D Audionics

In-game audio dynamically adapts to your position and head movements so you can enjoy incredible soundscapes. Detect the presence of characters as they whisper in your ear, identify friends and enemies by fire sounds or footfall, and feel the creeping dread of a threat approaching on any side. The sensation? More immersive than ever before. Plus, true 360-degree environment with all new PlayStation Move controllers. Outfitted with both directional and analog sticks, every input feels more lifelike and natural. These two included Moves work together: one for each hand. You’ll be able to see them move exactly how you want them to!

5) Connectivity

The original PlayStation VR’s biggest hurdle was how ridiculously complicated and uncomfortable it was to put on, with a lengthy and not-so-cozy setup process. Sony has listened to the gaming community, though. Now they’re introducing PlayStation VR 2 and it’s improved in all the ways we wanted. It’s still tethered to your console via a cable, but now it comes out of one end of the headset instead of connecting separately to your PS4 controller. That means no more laying down just so you can plug in both at once!

There are also integrated headphones for total immersion without worrying about wires or cables. Plus, there are no eye pads needed; that took up way too much space on the old model. Thus simply plug into the PlayStation 5 console to get straight into virtual worlds with a single cable to the front USB port. The PlayStation VR2 is quick and easy to set up, so you’ll be able to start playing in no time.

6) Detection of Eye Movements

As the PS VR2 headset can detect the motion of your eyes, it lets you interact in more lifelike ways, becoming more expressive as you share more online with fellow players. Eye tracking cameras follow your line of sight when aiming or looking around, while advanced foveated rendering techniques drastically improve the visual experience by changing resolutions depending on what you’re focusing on. Furthermore, the PlayStation VR2 has reduced display latency so that movements feel even more responsive than before.

7) Thorough Tracking

PS VR2 tracks your movement through four cameras embedded in the headset, giving the experience an increased sense of natural reality. The headset also tracks your controllers, further improving immersion by letting you manipulate objects within games with precision. The movement of your hands can be tracked by PS4 cameras and translated into gameplay in real-time, creating a seemingly physical connection between you and a game world.

Design & Features

PlayStation VR2

  • Now you can be amazed by your interaction with virtual worlds that utilize Haptic Feedback, Adaptive Triggers, Precision Tracking, and Finger Touch Detection – all inside a one-of-a-kind Ergonomic Design. Utilizing the well-balanced, ergonomic PS VR2 Sense controller, you’ll enjoy complete freedom of movement and a realistic, natural gaming experience. Exploring the game world will be fun with this thoughtful design.
  • Engage with your virtual surroundings intuitively with just one hand. And when it’s time for some quality entertainment, there’s no need to leave your living room because PlayStation VR2 supports multiplayer with up to four players on one screen!
  • With traditional analog sticks and action buttons, as well as an Options button and a Create button, you can gain additional control over your in-game actions and gear. Both controllers have a grip button for grabbing in-game objects, in addition to the adaptive triggers.
  • The PS VR2 Sense controller mimics natural motions and gestures, so you can reach out and touch virtual objects easily, even when you’re not actively pressing a button.
  • Your hands can feel a vast range of sensations in the game world. From subtle, precise vibrations to intense pulses, a vast range of sensations can be delivered to your hands. Feel what it is like to fire different weapons, craft various tools, touch a variety of textures, and travel across undulating terrain.
  • Engage with the gear and environments in the game to experience varying levels of force and tension. Whether you’re pulling back a bowstring that grows tighter and tighter or crushing objects with your hands or experiencing a weapon jam in combat, adaptive triggers physically connect you to your on-screen actions.


Overall, the PSVR 2 is a much-needed update for Sony. The added features will provide an even more immersive experience to gamers, and the expanded catalog of games can only help with this endeavor. The design may not be for everyone, but for now, it seems to work in most cases. With improved battery life and better tracking, the PSVR 2 looks like a solid contender when compared to its previous iteration.

While it is unclear how this release will affect future plans or what games could be exclusive to PlayStation in general, we have high hopes that Sony has something good up its sleeve as they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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