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5 Best Smart Light Switches You’ll Love in 2022

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5 Best Smart Light Switches You'll Love in 2022

As home automation and smart devices continue to gain momentum, the technology will become more widespread than ever in the next five years. With that in mind, it’s worth taking a look at some of the best smart light switches you can buy today so that you can switch your whole house to this type of device once the technology becomes available. Here are 5 best smart light switches we’ll all love in 2022.

What are smart light switches?

If you can’t switch all your lights out for smart bulbs, one of the best smart light switches could help.

These smart light switches look and act like any other traditional light switch or dimmer, but because they’re connected to the cloud, they can do a lot more. For example, you can use an app on your smartphone to set up a schedule and integrate it with Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit.

Smart light switches can make your house look occupied when you’re not home, for the sake of your own safety. But not only will it protect you from dangers, it will also save you money by keeping your lights from turning on when you’re not home.

1) GE C-Start Smart Switch

5 Best Smart Light Switches

Although it’s not the sleekest or most aesthetically pleasing smart light switch, it does the job and has plenty of features. It lets you control the lights with a touch, voice, motion, or remotely using your smartphone.

This smart switch does not require a neutral wire. It features an ambient light sensor (so it will not turn on in direct sunlight) and a motion sensor to trigger the light automatically. If you turn off the switch it automatically engages the motion sensor again after a few minutes, or if you want to turn off the motion sensor via the app.

This Alexa-enabled dimmer responds to voice commands (it’s also compatible with Google Assistant), but the Cync Android app needs some work; setting up an automation for a room can be confusing, and it can be hard to tell when the lights are going on and off. Though it costs around $70, the GE Cync Smart Switch offers a lot for the price.

2) Lutron Caseta wireless

5 Best Smart Light Switches

The Lutron smart switch is among the easiest to install smart switches on the market because it requires no neutral wire. Moreover, you can schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times throughout the day, giving the impression that you are home even when you’re not.

Switches are highly functional, with different buttons indicating what functions they perform. Want to control the lights through voice commands? Use Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri with the Lutron switch.

Getting all of the features with the Lutron Caseta wireless dimmer requires the Lutron Smart Bridge, which you can purchase as a starter kit. For you to use your smartphone to control the lights, you need the bridge plugged into your router.

3) Leviton Decora

5 Best Smart Light Switches

The non-functional-by-design, no-frills design of the Leviton Decora smart wall switch is perfect for the person who is just beginning the process of upgrading their home to smart status. It has a large, straight-forward paddle switch, and a smaller toggle on the right-hand side that makes it easy to adjust the brightness in small increments. With a row of LEDs to gauge brightness, you’ll be able to control the level of brightness to your preference.

Get this switch if you have a large room that requires a smart light switch, it supports three-way switches and connects straight to your Wi-Fi. You can adjust how long the LEDs on your bulb stay on and set schedules for automatically turning the lights on or off to create even the most seamless integration of ambient and adjustable lighting in your home. When you connect your Decora Smart Wall Switch to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or IFTTT, you have the power to integrate a smarter, more connected home.

4) LeGrand Smart Dimmer

5 Best Smart Light Switches

Though it may seem presumptuous to think that smart light switches are universal, this Legrand switch comes quite close as it works with three of the top smart home systems: Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. There are some devices that Harmony doesn’t work with by default such as IFTTT or Zigbee devices.

One example of the Zeo controller is how we can use it to turn LEDs, CFLs, halogens, incandescents, and EFL bulbs on and off automatically. Aside from turning LED and CFL lamps on and off, it can also control halogen and incandescent bulbs up to 700W. The Zeo automatically detected and calibrated LED and incandescent sources when tested with a variety of dimmable LED and incandescent sources.

This paddle switch feels better and more textured than the average one, but it is smaller, so those who enjoy hitting their paddle switches against the side of their hand may be partial to Leviton Decora switches. The light also comes with a dimmer switch and seven small white LEDs that change according to your brightness level. The left of the dimmer switch is an air gap switch that we can only use when a bulb is inserted.

5) Philips Hue Dimmer

5 Best Smart Light Switches

Philips Hue dimmer is a convenient and handy device for those who already have Philips Hue bulbs or don’t want to change their wall switches. Not only does it peel off the plastic backing on the back of the switch, but it also doesn’t require any installation.

All Hue light bulbs will work with this switch, but they almost act like magic when they do. You’ll want to flip the switch as you normally would (even with a traditional wall switch), then put your Hue light on; you’ll never have to worry about overlap or clashing between your traditional wall switch and the Hue Dimmer if you use the Philips dimmer. In order to work, the dimmer needs the Philips Hue bridge ($59) which we need for any Philips Hue system.

We can control Philips Hue bulbs by voice commands given to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit. In the Philips Hue app, you can use your voice to set a schedule for your Hue bulbs. This is a smart home platform that works with a number of other smart home platforms.

How to install smart switches?

The installation process for a smart light switch will vary according to the brand. For example, Leviton switches require an electrician to wire them into your breaker box. Compared to Ecobee switches, which do not require wiring and can plug them into a power outlet, Ecobee switches are merely wireless wall outlets.

First, you should turn off the circuit at the breaker box (usually indicated by the breaker panel or fuse box), remove the old switch (if applicable), and then follow the installation instructions included with the new switch. Most brands offer videos or tutorials on their website to simplify this process.

In most cases, smart light switches can be installed in one afternoon, but be aware that they require a neutral wire for installation. Your house should have neutral wires if it was built after 1980. If it was built before that, you’ll probably need a smart light switch that doesn’t require a neutral line, such as the Lutron Caseta Switch.

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