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2022’s Top Android Games- Try Now

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2022's Top Android Games- Try Now

This month, we’re taking a look at 2022’s top Android games (whether they’re all new or just for your Android device!). If you’re a gamer, these are definitely worth checking out. There might be a game here that becomes your next favorite obsession. Our selection of games covers a wide variety of genres, such as FPS, RPG, platformers, puzzles, and strategy games. If you’re looking for the best iPhone games, we have them here but if you prefer playing on an Android tablet or phone, we have something for you, too.

1- Chewy Ninja

2022’s Top Android Games

If you love games with a runner-type mechanic, the addicting game, Chewy Ninja will be right up your alley. When an office of scientists experiment on lab mice and become giant mutated monsters that are planning on taking over the world, you’re called upon as The One – the only person who can save us all. This app has been featured by Apple so much that it made its way into their hall of fame as well! The art style is reminiscent of modern comic books and everything about this game oozes fun. It has a great combination of fast-paced gameplay coupled with a storyline that will keep you intrigued. And for when you get bored with running.

2- Flip Maze

If you’re looking for a puzzle game for your mobile phone, look no further than Flip Maze. With its simple controls and addicting gameplay, it’ll be hard to put down! The goal of the game is to maneuver your red box around the map until you reach the exit door. You can control this red box by tapping on an empty square, or double-tapping on a blank spot. Along the way, you’ll have a variety of obstacles that are blocking your path. These obstacles range from very easy (like an unlocked door) to very difficult (such as one vertical wall). It may seem tricky at first, but it doesn’t take long before you get used to how things work and then find yourself addicted.

3- Shooty Skies

2022’s Top Android Games

In Shooty Skies, players must shoot their way through a linear game-play stage that winds from bottom to top and reaches the boss. Players control one of two ships, with the WASD keys controlling movement and the mouse button firing shots at targets. The ship can perform a short dash by pressing Q, which charges up for a second or so before letting players fly off in any direction. The controls feel very floaty at first but become intuitive after playing for just a little while. It might make it more difficult for people who dislike shooters because they’re not used to them yet.

4- Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is similar to the hangman and requires three players to guess all of the unknown words in a puzzle. It is displayed visually on a board of 52 touch screens. On a rotating basis, the host reveals the category at the beginning of the round. It appears at the bottom of the viewer’s screen for the duration of the round. More recently, crossword puzzles have been incorporated into the rotation. A clue relating to the words in the puzzle will be given instead of a category in such rounds. Contestants win if they can solve all the crossword words by saying them in order without repeating or adding any additional words.

With all the riveting content and thousands of fantastic games that you can play, it can be hard to choose which are the best Android games in 2022. The Android gaming industry has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. It has offered tons of new genres and gameplay styles. These days, you’re as likely to find educational games for kids as mobile RPGs for adults. If you’re looking for some fresh new titles to try out or want a few recommendations from one of the most trusted names in gaming, we’ve got you covered! Wheel of Fortune is a slick new release that offers hours of suspenseful gameplay across multiple difficulty levels.

5- Kombinera

2022’s Top Android Games

Atari has created a fresh and delightful puzzler, great for those of us who enjoy creative problem-solving. The premise is quite simple. Hold several different colored balls in one hand while various devices in the level attempt to destroy the balls. What sounds simple is made trickier because the balls all move at the same time. So you’ll need to have your wits about you. This means there are potentially dangerous dangers in your path that you need to stay on guard for.

However, different items give you different skills, which may help you complete a variety of obstacles and puzzles. With an increasing number of levels ranging from basic to borderline impossible, Kombinera provides an unrelenting challenge. The contrasting neon visuals and cool, old-school, electronica audio are only too enjoyable. If you’ve played every other game out there, you owe it to yourself to check out Kombinera. Plus, at the heart of it all is a surprisingly moving story.

6- Infinity Ops

Not bound to any particular device or operating system, Infinity Ops plunges you right into the battle for Earth. Whether you are fighting as one of three daring factions instead of one main military force in your defense, you are a part of three different arms of the forces – the advanced Consortium with robotic soldiers, the energy-based Nova Squad, or the heavy armored forces of Legacy. Against endless waves of enemy forces, equip yourself with an assortment of weapon types to withstand the enemy. The fight will never end unless either all humans are destroyed or one side rules the world. But now it’s up to you! Play this game now and decide which group is right.

Infinity Ops is set in the distant future during a time of interplanetary matters. With gorgeously colorful, neon-strewn cyberpunk 3D graphics, it looks good and plays even better as you take on foes and other teams with a huge array of weapons, from laser weapons to plasma rifles. There are even jetpacks so you can soar in the skies! Create a clan and invite fellow users or friends. Also, interact with gravity to boost your speed and agility, and choose from various classes, each boasting its own features and abilities. This sci-fi FPS is loads of fun, and it’s free to play, too.

7- AdVenture Capitalist 2

2022’s Top Android Games

The current game of the month for September, AdVenture Capitalist 2 has been getting rave reviews on both iOS and Android. In this free mobile game, you’re given $10,000 of in-game currency which you can use to purchase assets or upgrade buildings that create more wealth. As your business upgrades over time, it’ll require more money to sustain. The new gameplay mode introduced in AdVenture Capitalist 2 is Tycoon City which lets you complete timed challenges where the more money you earn, the higher your rewards will be at the end of it all.

8- Star Command Galaxies

The second release of this classic game is finally here! The retro-inspired adventure/exploration game has been a mainstay in PC and mobile gaming for decades. Star Command Galaxies is the sequel to the first Star Command, which was released back in 1984. The new version features all-new stories from some of your favorite characters from the original game. Explore an unknown galaxy, find new civilizations, and protect your home planet from invaders with classic RPG gameplay that takes full advantage of touchscreen control.

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